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The Beauty of Ijen Crater

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Doing tourism activities in Ijen Crater is one of the fun tourist activities to fill your vacation. Ijen Crater is one of the tourist attractions in the area of ​East Java, precisely in the area of ​​Bondowoso.

The beauty of Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater tourist spot is located at the peak of Mount Ijen located in East Java. Please note that Mount Ijen itself is one of the active volcanoes located in the province.

The volcano that has a height of 2443 m above sea level is located in 3 districts in East Java. The three districts are Banyuwangi, Situbondo, Bondowoso, adjacent volcano that has erupted as much as 4 times offers the charm of the crater is very amazing.

Traveling at the crater of Mount Ijen of course very pleasant because in that place the tourists will be served with green scenery turquoise from the crater lake.

The number of sulfur miners around the mountain would be a special sight for tourists who visit the tourist attractions as well as indicate that the mountain is still doing its activities.

You can see the activities of the miners while doing the work. They will cut the hunk of sulfur that has hardened and frozen with a very simple tool, crowbar. Sulfur chunks that have been cut and then transported (pikul) on the shoulders by using the basket.

Sulfur miners in Ijen Crater

Approximately 80-100 kg of sulfur they can carry one picul, very strong yes. In addition, the journey they have to travel is also quite far that is about 3 km to get to the sulfur pitcher. Miners are allowed to sulfur only twice a day for safety reasons.

In addition to witnessing the activities of the sulfur miners, one more thing you can see and no less beautiful is the view of arabica coffee plantations. You can take a moment to do a short tour around the plantation area to see first hand the process of coffee picking done by farmers.

You can also visit to see the process of processing coffee beans to become arabica coffee products are famous for its taste that is very delicious.

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