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Kasada, Tengger Tribe’s Ancient Ceremony

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Yadnya Kasada is the ancient religious ceremony of Tengger tribe. Yadnya Kasada or often called Kasada is commemorated every month Kasada day 14th in Javanese calendar and still commemorated to this day. Kasada aims to give the worship to Sang Hyang Widhi and the ancestors.

Kasada ceremony is one of the rites of asking for forgiveness from Brahma. In Kasada ceremony, Tengger people make sacrifices by throwing their sacrifices into the crater of Mount Tengger. The sacrifices can be in the form of food, money, and clothing. As for those who have special requests required to bring chicken or goat as an offering. In ancient times before knowing the sacrifices in the form of goods, it is possible that the Tengger people make sacrifices in the form of humans.

Kasada background of the story of Ancient Java told about Rara Anteng (Princess of Majapahit King) and Jaka Seger (Son of Brahma). Which broken promise to The God, called Hyang Widi. They are the ancestors of the Tengger tribe. The origin of the Tengger tribe is taken from their last name, (An) TENG and (Se) GER.

It is said, they have no children than they begged the gods give them a child. God grants their request to give the child on condition that the last child should be sacrificed in return for their descent.

These rites followed by hereditary by Tengger society and annually held Kasada ceremony in poten (local’s temples) at sea of sand and crater of Mount Bromo until now. As a Hindu, Tenggerese are not like Hindus in general. Tenggerese have no temples as a place of worship, they worshiping in punden, danyang and poten.

Now, every Kasada is crowded with pilgrims and tourists. When the Yadnya Kasada day arrives, the crowds that have traveled together up the mountain, throw offerings into the crater of the volcano. Despite the evident danger, some locals risk climbing down into the crater to retrieve the sacrificed goods, believing that they will bring good luck.

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