Tour Bromo Mount Bromo Tourist Information Wed, 31 Jan 2018 23:54:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 141924221 Exotic Banyuwangi Tour Package (5D/4N) Sun, 10 Jan 2016 14:31:49 +0000 Read More]]> Day 1 TRANSFER IN

These days we will pick you up at Banyuwangi airport/harbor then switch you to the hotel around Banyuwangi.


Awaken early in the morning for Ijen hiking, about an hour force from the motel to get Paltuding (starting point). From Paltuding we need to stroll around 1, 5 hours (3km) to get the peak of Ijen. At the manner, up to Ijen, you may see the activities of the sulfur miners who wearing the sulfur from the crater of Ijen. At the top of Ijen, you may see the turquoise lake and the large crater of Ijen. It is also well-known as the most toxic lake in java. After you end the complete application in Ijen we cross returned to the auto and pressure returned to the resort. At the manner again to the resort you could prevent via a stunning waterfall known as a jagir.


After breakfast we depart the inn to go the Mondoluko village, Mondoluko is a small village which most effective round 500 human beings dwelling here. Almost 80% the local community here is a farmer. In this village, we’ve got trekked via the lovely rice area place for approximately 2 – 3 hours. Throughout the hiking, we will see the activities of the area people operating in the field. And additionally, see such a lot of one of a kind plants. The excursion might be completed with a clean young coconut. Inside the afternoon our group will take you to Bangsring seashore then crossing the ocean to get the Tabuhan island, a lovely small island in between Java and Bali. This island has white sand in which you could lay at the beach and playing the sundown (depends on the weather). Back to the hotel.


Today we are able to transfer you to Sukamade, it takes around five hours drive with a jeep (4WD) via the rubber and cacao plantation and additionally the jungle in Meru Betiri national park. On the manner, to Sukamade we will prevent in a small village to see the local people making the brown sugar. We are able to arrive at the guest residence in the afternoon. After dinner, the guide will take you to the beach and meet with a ranger who will lead us to find the ocean turtle which laying the eggs (relies upon on nature). Lower back to the visitor residence and have a rest.


Within the morning we go back to the beach to launch the small turtle to the ocean. Then transfer you back to Banyuwangi or your next destination. Tour end.


  • Transport with AC
  • Jeep for Sukamade Trip
  • Boat to Tabuhan Island
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Ranger in Sukamade
  • Entrance Fees
  • Accommodation + Breakfast


  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Self Expenses
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Jogja The Heart of Java Fri, 08 Jan 2016 14:20:39 +0000 Read More]]> Jogja or Jogjakarta is famous as a high-quality traveler vacation spot in Indonesia. The sultan’s palace ( Kraton ), Borobudur temple and Prambanan temple, Merapi volcano, additionally Parangtritis beach are the tourist must visit right here. Additionally, u can revel in the Ramayana ballet at Prambanan open theatre or Purawisata open theatre.

Location of interest Jogja The Heart of Java

1. Borobudur temple

The Borobudur temple is taken into consideration as one of the seven wonders of the sector. This temple is placed at Borobudur district, south of Magelang, important java.

2. Kraton the sultan’s palace

The Sultan’s palace – or it is referred to as Kraton in Javanese – was based by Pangeran (prince) Mangkubumi in 1755. The prince was then referred to as Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I. Within the palace complex, there are many buildings. The constructing in which the sultan lives is called Gedong Kuning.

3. Tamansari (water palace)

Taman sari means stunning lawn. Built by means of Sultan Hamengku Buwono I at 1757 blend between Portuguese and java. This used to be the sultan’s retreat, in which he would watch his concubines bathe from above. Vintage grandeur can nevertheless be located among its ruins. The primary swimming pools of this old water palace have been renovated.

4. Prambanan temple

Additionally called (Rorojonggrang temple ) became located at the Bokoharjo village, Prambanan, east of Yogyakarta. The exact date of while the Rorojonggrang temple changed into constructed became still in an argument. But, there is the opinion of who builds the temple. One opinion stated that there has been only one, dynasty, Shailendra dynasty, before Rorojonggrang temple changed into built. The second opinion said that there had been dynasties, Shailendra, and Sanjaya dynasty. Cailendra dynasty occupied the southern part of central Java, while Sanjaya dynasty occupied the northern element. Buddhist temples were found mostly within the southern part of critical java, and that the Siwa temples (Hindu) were determined in northern a part of important java.

5. Kaliurang Resort

Kaliurang lies at the foot of the Plawangan hill on the southern slope of Mount Merapi, a few 28 km, north of Yogyakarta. This is a refreshing excursion motel for the ones searching for shelter and tranquility amidst the plush inexperienced tropical splendor.

6. Parangtristis beach

A seashore lodge 27 kilometers from Yogyakarta, Parangtritis seashore is one of the maximum well-known beaches in Yogyakarta. It’s been a traveler destination for a long term. You can take a horse ride to explore the shore. Each Sunday, many local humans go to the seashore only for pastime or relaxation.

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Amazing Jogja Tour Package 3D2N Thu, 07 Jan 2016 14:46:30 +0000 Read More]]> Amazing Jogja Tour Package 3D2N is a complete tour package in  Jogja area. in this Amazing Jogja Tour Package 3D2N, you will be served by our professional to explore a classical Javanese Tour. Sultan Palace, Tamansari Water Castle, Batik Industry, Silver Smith, Prambanan Temple, Borobudur Temple, Mount Merapi.


Itinerary of Amazing Jogja Tour Package 3D2N

Day 1 City Tour Jogjakarta + Prambanan Temple

Today we have city tour In Jogjakarta, visiting the fascinating Sultan Palace, Tamansari Water Castle, Batik Industry and continue to the Kota Gede for seeing the process of Silver. In the midday, we take you to the Prambanan Temple, the biggest Hindu temple In Asia. Prambanan Temple was built around the 9th century by Sanjaya Dynasty. And this temple dedicated to Trimurti, the expression of God as the Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva). Optional: Dinner and Ramayana Ballet at Purawisata.

Day 2 Borobudur Temple

After breakfast we go to Borobudur temple, it takes around an hour drive from the center of Jogjakarta. Borobudur temple is a huge Buddhist temple that was built around 7 century by Dynasty Sailendra. I took hundred years to build it. After visiting Borobudur, the tour continues to Candirejo village. Here we will explore the village Candirejo by visiting traditional home industry of Tempe, learning how to play Gamelan (traditional Javanese Music Instrument), krupuk (chips) factory and also it is possible also having lunch with Family in the village. Back to Jogjakarta.

Day 3 Lava Tour Merapi

In the morning we go to Kaliurang. Here we have lava tour. We use 4 WD to explore this area. If the weather is clear we can see the beauty of Merapi Volcano, one of the most active volcanos on Java. After the entire program finished, we go back to the hotel in Jogjakarta. Tour End


Facilities of Amazing Jogja Tour Package 3D2N


  • Car and the driver
  • English speaking Guide
  • Entrance fee
  • Lunch at Local family
  • Jeep in Merapi
  • Refreshment


  • Self-expenses
  • Lunch (except day 2)
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Bromo Budget Tour Packages via Malang Fri, 01 Jan 2016 11:06:26 +0000 Read More]]> Bromo Budget Tour Packages via Malang is a cheap travel package that is packaged in a relatively short time (two days and one night) with the goal of the best attractions in Batu & Bromo! With affordable prices and excellent service, We are ready to serve the needs of tourism tailored to the wishes and budget.

You can get many nice tourist attraction on Bromo Budget Tour Packages via Malang. Malang City Tour, Coban Rondo Waterfall, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park: Penanjakan Summit, Bromo Crater. We build Bromo Budget Tour Packages via Malang for a comfortable tourist vacation in 2 Days 1 Nights (2D1N).

Our Guide will pick you up at the hotel in Malang than take you to Tosari Village. It takes around 3 hours driving with a minivan. In Tosari we have to change the car with the Jeep (4 wheel Drive) then bring you to the viewpoint where you can see the process of Sunrise and also the view of Bromo, Batok and Semeru Volcano from 2800 M.

After enjoying the sunrise we back to jeep then the jeep will take you to the sea of sand (caldera of Tengger Mountains) for about 30 minutes drives. On the sea of sand we have two options to get the peak of Bromo, that are on foot or take the horse, then you have to walk on 240 steps to get the top of Bromo where you can see its Crater. After you finish the entire programs in Bromo, we back to Jeep than to Tosari. After that our car will transfer you back to the hotel.


Itinerary of Bromo Budget Tour Packages via Malang


Picked up at the airport/station, transit and breakfast, you will be taken for a walk to enjoy MALANG CITY TOUR. After lunch, the tour continues to visit COBAN RONDO WATERFALL at Batu. After dinner and satisfied enjoy the attractions in Malang and Batu, you will be taken to transit hotel/lodging around Mount Bromo.


At around 02:00 am in the morning you will be picked up by Jeep Bromo to the top Penanjakan enjoy the sensation of rising sun PENANJAKAN SUMMIT SUNRISE at an altitude of 2770 meters above sea level. Then continued BROMO CRATER using an exciting and challenging 4×4 jeep! After breakfast and packing, you will be escorted to the airport/station. End of Program.


Facilities of Bromo Budget Tour Packages via Malang


  • Transport with AC
  • Driver
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Accommodation + Breakfast
  • Jeep
  • Entrance fee
  • Refreshment
  • Tol/parking


  • Meals
  • Self Expenses
  • Hotel/Lodge
  • Horse Riding
  • Tip for driver and guide


Please contact us for more info Bromo Budget Tour Packages via Malang

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Mount Bromo, popular volcano at Java Journey Sun, 27 Dec 2015 19:16:50 +0000 Read More]]> Mount Bromo, the popular volcano at Java Journey. The island of Java in Indonesia is a famous tourist destination which attracts tourists from different parts of the globe. Mount Bromo which is also locally known as Kawah Bromo happens to be the most well-known volcano in the island of Java and a popular tourist attraction in Indonesia.

Mount Bromo happens to be the island’s highest peak and also the world’s most active volcano. But the reason why Mount Bromo has become popular all over the world is that of its easy accessibility. Another unique feature about Mount Bromo is that it is a volcano inside a volcano. The base of the mountain actually rises from an old volcanic crater of the bigger Mount Tengger. Even the journey to the crater is an exciting experience in itself.

Before arriving at the Mount Bromo one needs to get across the Sea of Sands (Lautan Pasir), another unique landmark of the national park. One can also hire a pony that will take you finally to the staircase that takes you to the crater’s edge. Once you reach the edge of the crater you will be greeted by Mount Brome whose entire top has blown off several years ago. A deep vale of black granite is left inside. A sulfurous smoke erupts from the small opening of the Mount Bromo. It’s an absolutely mind-blowing experience to visit Mount Bromo. It is known for spectacular sunrises. The crater was transformed into a lake in 1838. Mount Bromo rises 133 meters above the ground and is almost 700m wide.

The journey to Mount Bromo is an adventure in itself. Visit Mount Bromo is highly recommended for adventure enthusiasts. So when on a tour to Java make it a point to arrange a trip to Mount Bromo and have an experience of a lifetime.

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Easy Way to Malang City Fri, 25 Dec 2015 15:25:07 +0000 Read More]]> There are several options for public transportation that you can use to Malang by the plane, train, and bus. You can choose to use a convenient land or air transportation according to the city of departure and the availability of units/seats. For now, Malang does not have a passenger ship dock despite having a beach and directly adjacent to the southern sea (Indian Ocean).

Abdulrachman Saleh Airport, Malang (MLG)

If using the plane, you can go down directly at Abdulrachman Saleh Airport, Malang. Abdulrachman Saleh Airport is an airport located in Pakis, Malang Regency, East Java, or 17 km east of Malang city center. Currently, the number of airline options is still limited. There are only a few airlines that you can use from/to major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar. In the future, Abdulrachman Saleh Airport is expected to serve international flight routes.

Juanda International Airport, Surabaya (SBY)

Another option for flight arrival/departure is Juanda Airport Surabaya. Although located approximately 3 hours drive from Malang City, Juanda Airport is ready to facilitate your arrival using the plane with more options and flight schedule. You do not need to worry, we are ready to pick up / take you to Juanda Airport, Surabaya if your flight ticket is SBY. You just tell the arrival/departure schedule of your plane.

Malang Train Station (ML)

Malang Station (ML) is a large class train station located right in the heart of Malang City, not far from Malang City Hall. Station located at an altitude of +444 meters is the main railway station in Malang. This station is sometimes referred to as Malang Kotabaru Station to distinguish it from Malang Kota Kotalama station which is older. But you do not need to be confused, just book train tickets with the purpose of arrival/departure Malang Kotabaru Station. We are ready to pick up / deliver any departure time regardless of your train schedule.

Arjosari Bus Station

Arjosari Bus Station is an integrated Bus Station located on the north side of Malang City. Arjosari Bus Station is the main gate of arrival/departure of Malang City bus. This Bus Station is an integrated Bus Station that serves the transportation within the city, within the province, and between provinces. For travel by public bus, you can choose Arjosari Bus Station as the bus arrival/departure point. In Malang, there are two other smaller Bus Stations that serve as a link to other cities around Malang. Landungsari Bus Station: Kediri, Jombang, and Bus Station Hamid Rusdi (formerly called Bus Station Gadang): Blitar, Tulungagung. If you are confused, just contact us so as not to choose the destination down / ride the bus.

In order to facilitate your trip to Malang, Batu, Bromo, and surrounding areas, we are ready to serve rental cars and tourist buses. It aims to comfort you in business travel, travel, or other purposes. Contact us for the convenience of your trip with the entourage. Supported by fleet and driver along with the good and experienced crew, we are ready to serve you with excellent service and satisfy.

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Routes to The Mount Bromo Thu, 24 Dec 2015 18:57:46 +0000 Read More]]> Transport Malang Bromo is safe and comfortable always needed by tourists, both domestic and foreign. This is not apart from the steep terrain to Mount Bromo. Passenger safety and comfort are important things to note. From the city of Malang, there are several options that can be used the route to Mount Bromo. These routes have different distances and travel times with different road and scenic characteristics.

For tourists who want to visit Mount Bromo are required to use the jeep as a mode of transportation from the rest area or hotel around the foot of Mount Bromo up to Penanjakan Peak and Bromo Crater. This is because the jeep TOYOTA HARDTOP is one of the most effective means of transportation to penetrate the steep and winding terrain in Mount Bromo. There are three established routes into to The Mountain Bromo:

Tumpang Malang route

Transport Route Malang Bromo – Tumpang Malang is the closest route from Malang. Because Overlapping still belongs to Malang Regency. This route has winding road characteristics from the Ngadas rest area to the Padang Savana area (Teletubbies Hill). The Malang Transport Route Bromo – Tumpang Malang offers the most beautiful scenery compared to other routes. Transport Route Malang Bromo – Tumpang Malang can only be traversed by small/medium car and maximum medium size bus.

Tosari Pasuruan route

Transport Route Malang Bromo – Tosari Pasuruan can be passed through two entrances, namely the entrance of Purwosari or Warungdowo both entered Pasuruan. Transport Route Malang Bromo – Tosari Pasuruan is the shortest route to Puncak Penanjakan. Transport Route Malang Bromo – Tosari Pasuruan can only be traversed by small/medium car and maximum medium size bus.

Sukapura Probolinggo route

The Malang Bromo – Sukapura Probolinggo Transport Route is the widest route with curves and grade terminals compared to other routes. The Malang Bromo – Sukapura Probolinggo Transport route is usually used for large buses with endpoints at Sukapura Probolinggo terminal. From the tourist, the terminal will be transported by jeep to Mount Bromo.

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Fabulous Facts of Ijen Crater Wed, 23 Dec 2015 13:36:02 +0000 Read More]]> Ijen Crater is a caldera that can accommodate 36 million cubic meters of sulfur and hydrogen chloride with an area reaching 5466 hectares. The lake is located at the top of the mountain has a zero acidity with a depth of 200 meters deep, so that with the acidity, Crater Ijen lake capable of dissolving human fingers and clothing. So please be careful when visiting this place.

Use a mask when visiting Ijen Crater

When visiting the crater, the visitors are required to wear a mask, this is to anticipate the inhalation of sulfur gas carried by the caulk of caulk smoke that can endanger health. Sulfur content in Ijen crater is quite high so wearing a mask when visiting becomes one thing that must be done.

If viewed from its status, this mountain is one of the volcanoes in Indonesia are still active until now. Mount Ijen recorded ever erupted 4 times in 1796, 1817, 1913, and 1936.

The beauty of the turquoise sea in the top of the mountain is very attractive tourists to visit its existence. To visit the tourist attractions, the tourists can travel through 3 districts of Bondowoso, Banyuwangi, and Situbondo.

How to Go to Ijen Crater Site

The journey begins from Situbondo must go to Sempol by passing Wonosari then journey proceed to Paltuding. The journey from Situbondo to Paltuding has a distance of about 93 km which the journey takes about 2.5 hours.

Meanwhile, if taken from Banyuwangi district, the tourists can pass through Licin before heading to Paltuding. Distance from Banyuwangi to Paltuding about 40 km with an uphill terrain.

Tips: Visiting the crater Ijen should be done starting from dawn because climbing journey that will be in quite distant and exhausting. If you leave at the time before sunrise then you will get a bonus of natural scenery and the beautiful sunrise.

You can stay overnight first in the cheap guest house around Pos Paltuding. This post is managed by the local government (Dinas Kehutanan) If you want to set up a tent and camp, you can also do it by first asking for permission, usually around the post of many visitors who set up camp.

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Flight Arrival Schedule of Abdulrahman Saleh Airport Malang Tue, 22 Dec 2015 15:07:15 +0000 Read More]]> Flight Arrival Schedule of Abdulrahman Saleh Airport Malang you need to know if you want to visit the city of Malang, Batu, Bromo and surrounding areas. Currently, Abdulrahman Saleh Airport Malang has been serving various airlines that you can use for from other cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surakarta, Makassar, and Denpasar.

We are ready to pick you up at Abdulrahman Saleh Airport Malang on the arrival hour of the plane you are using. You just call us (cultivated a few days) before the scheduled arrival of the plane to prepare the best fleet according to the number of your entourage.

Here schedule of arrival of Abdulrahman Saleh Airport Malang that you can use after a satisfied trip to Malang, Batu, Bromo, and surrounding with us.

Flight Arrival Schedule of Abdulrahman Saleh Airport Malang

07:00 AM
Makassar (UPG)
Wings Air
07:45 AM
Jakarta (CGK)
Lion Airlines
07:50 AM
Jakarta (CGK)
08:55 AM
Jakarta (HLP)
Sriwijaya Air
09:15 AM
Jakarta (HLP)
Batik Air
10:05 AM
Jakarta (CGK)
Garuda Indonesia
10:45 PM
Jakarta (CGK)
12:05 PM
Jakarta (CGK)
Lion Airlines
12:05 PM
Jakarta (CGK)
Sriwijaya Air
12:20 PM
Surakarta (SOC)
Wings Air
12:25 PM
Jakarta (CGK)
Garuda Indonesia
01:50 PM
Denpasar (DPS)
Wings Air
02:00 PM
Jakarta (HLP)
02:15 PM
Jakarta (HLP)
Batik Air
02:30 PM
Jakarta (CGK)
Sriwijaya Air
03:40 PM
Bandung (BDO)
Wings Air


Do not worry, We are ready one hour before your plane arrival schedule. Thus, my satisfied friend is guaranteed not to wait or be rushed in time at Abdulrahman Saleh Airport Malang. Get friendly tour service with us, your travel satisfaction solution!

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is a compilation of data from many different sources including flight scheduling systems, airline booking systems, airports, airlines and other third-party data providers. The data is provided as is, there are no guarantees that the information is fully correct or up to date. Changes and errors may occur. Therefore Flightradar24 cannot be held liable either for the accuracy of the information or for ensuring that the information is up to date at all times. Some of the flights presented may be charter, cargo, ambulance or other types of flights not available for passenger travel. –

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