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Easy Way to Malang City

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There are several options for public transportation that you can use to Malang by the plane, train, and bus. You can choose to use a convenient land or air transportation according to the city of departure and the availability of units/seats. For now, Malang does not have a passenger ship dock despite having a beach and directly adjacent to the southern sea (Indian Ocean).

Abdulrachman Saleh Airport, Malang (MLG)

If using the plane, you can go down directly at Abdulrachman Saleh Airport, Malang. Abdulrachman Saleh Airport is an airport located in Pakis, Malang Regency, East Java, or 17 km east of Malang city center. Currently, the number of airline options is still limited. There are only a few airlines that you can use from/to major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar. In the future, Abdulrachman Saleh Airport is expected to serve international flight routes.

Juanda International Airport, Surabaya (SBY)

Another option for flight arrival/departure is Juanda Airport Surabaya. Although located approximately 3 hours drive from Malang City, Juanda Airport is ready to facilitate your arrival using the plane with more options and flight schedule. You do not need to worry, we are ready to pick up / take you to Juanda Airport, Surabaya if your flight ticket is SBY. You just tell the arrival/departure schedule of your plane.

Malang Train Station (ML)

Malang Station (ML) is a large class train station located right in the heart of Malang City, not far from Malang City Hall. Station located at an altitude of +444 meters is the main railway station in Malang. This station is sometimes referred to as Malang Kotabaru Station to distinguish it from Malang Kota Kotalama station which is older. But you do not need to be confused, just book train tickets with the purpose of arrival/departure Malang Kotabaru Station. We are ready to pick up / deliver any departure time regardless of your train schedule.

Arjosari Bus Station

Arjosari Bus Station is an integrated Bus Station located on the north side of Malang City. Arjosari Bus Station is the main gate of arrival/departure of Malang City bus. This Bus Station is an integrated Bus Station that serves the transportation within the city, within the province, and between provinces. For travel by public bus, you can choose Arjosari Bus Station as the bus arrival/departure point. In Malang, there are two other smaller Bus Stations that serve as a link to other cities around Malang. Landungsari Bus Station: Kediri, Jombang, and Bus Station Hamid Rusdi (formerly called Bus Station Gadang): Blitar, Tulungagung. If you are confused, just contact us so as not to choose the destination down / ride the bus.

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